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Phentermine Dr. V. Shooltz
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Generic Name: Phentermine (FEN ter meen)
Brand Names: Adipex-P, Oby-Cap, Suprenza, T-Diet, Zantryl
Dosage: 37.5mg
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Phentermine is an advanced medicine created to help patients lose weight. It is considered to be superior medication over other weight loss medications with its type of affecting brain chemicals. The way Phentermine works, is that it provides a body with carbohydrates, which contributes to boosted energy and no hunger feeling. As a result, body loses extra weight. However, Phentermine’s manufacturers do not promise an instantaneous weight loss by miracle (with usual later weight regain) but being realistic they offer you a support in cutting your daily calories consumption that, in turn, leads to progressive and natural weight loss with a safe dynamic which will keep you from following disorders or rebound fattening.

Another benefit is attending stimulating action that will support you in motivation to exercises that will further promote you on the way to slim shape. For these reasons people buy Phentermine online a lot nowadays.

How to buy Phentermine

If you would like to take Phentermine legally, then consulting with a certified doctor is a must. Compared to competitor companies, our low prices are easily noticeable. The fact that our Canadian Pharmacy is going quite rapidly, is the back up for keeping competitive prices on the market.

Phentermine is prescribed to patients who have issues with excessive weight, obesity and bulimia.

Dosage and administration

Phentermine is not a food supplement but an efficient medical product that means it should be taken in correspondence with doctor’s advice. Before you start the medicating program undergo a general health test to be aware of all cases that require cautious usage.

Usually, Phentermine is taken in the amount of 1 pill on an empty stomach. However, it is also possible to take 1 pill after breakfast, or to divide one pill into 2 parts and take half after breakfast, and the second half after lunch or dinner. Please note, that the pill should be taken 4-6 hours before sleep, to make sure that it does not affect your sleep. According to a person, one course of Phentermine intake may last for 1-3 months. In any case, it is strictly advised to consult with your doctor.


The only two contradictions are pregnancy and lactation period as during that time women require to get enough nutrition for proper fetus development. Besides, the drug can affect a baby crossing placental septum or via milk maternity.

In such cases as kidney, liver or thyroid body disorders, glaucoma or diabetes there is no need to refuse the medication but it is recommended to be mindful to body’s reactions.

Side effects

According to clinical trials the chances of side effects is very low. However, while adapting with Phentermine hydrochloride, you may experience higher blood pressure, hyperactivity or loss of sleep, sight disorders, head ache or dizziness.

How to consume

Take 1 pill a day. It is preferred that Phentermine is taken in the morning on an empty stomach. Do not take Phentermine if you are pregnant or have issues with blood pressure.

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