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Modafinil (Provigil)

Modafinil (Provigil) Dr. V. Shooltz
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Generic Name: Modafinil (moe DAF i nil)
Brand Names: Provigil
Dosage: 200mg
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Provigil (Modafinil) has been created to help people with narcolepsy to avoid narcoleptic seizures, when a person unexpectedly falls asleep during the day time regardless what is he or she doing and what is going on around and cannot resist somnolence at all. But a bit later its eye-opening facilities have found a use in military services of many countries. With Modafinil soldiers and pilots have been able to stay awake and perform efficiency for more than 40 hours performing advanced mental capacities and good mood. And afterwards, after becoming available to general public, it has gone out that it is incredibly demanded and relevant to the time. Since the Internet has become a common medium for purchases, Modafinil along with many other health products can be ordered online as well.

It gained popularity among people of all kinds of social groups and professions. Students, doctors, drivers, people who work 24-hours or night shifts, businessmen and many others take advantage of Modafinil’s stimulating potency.

Up to date data provided by clinical trials consider this analeptic to be safer than caffeine meanwhile its efficiency superiority is undeniable.

How to order Modafinil

Make sure to learn about the proper Provigil consumption instructions before legally buying it from our Canadian Pharmacy. The prices that become available for you are significantly lower, comparing to other companies. Daily increase in our affiliate network and amount of customer make it possible for us to offer the lowest prices.

Dosage and administration

Provigil is available as 100 mg and 200 mg pills. It can be taken as 200 mg at once or two times 100 mg each but do not exceed the amount of 200 mg per 24 hours. Take Modafinil before noon to avoid sleep disorders. If it is used during the night shift at work take it 1 hour before work.

Although Modafinil has performed as a safe medication, we recommend to undergo health screening to be sure that it is totally suitable for you.


Although the drug is regarded to be safe, it may be not suitable to people with lactose intolerance as lactose is contained in the coat of the pills. Take the medicine with care of you have some kidneys or liver diseases, heart condition or elevated blood pressure. It is not recommended for pregnant women and during lactation period and prohibited to use by children under the age of 18.

Side effects

Modafinil is a very well-tolerated medicine causing minimum side effects in rare cases. Most of the people have not complained of discomfort but it is no danger if you experience head ache, vertigo, insomnia, nausea or allergy.