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Are the Prices at a Canadian Pharmacy Too Good to Be Trusted?

Are the Prices at a Canadian Pharmacy Too Good to Be Trusted The prices at a Canadian Pharmacy really seem to be so affordable that people sometimes may think it is a deception. But it is not true because the most trusted pharmacy in the world does not need to manipulate its customers to earn money, its goal is to help you in your struggle with any disorder, disease, and problem. If you surf other websites offering you even cheaper medications, you are at risk of being deceived. Because the primary prices are set exactly in Canadian pharmacies, and our online drugstore being a distributor of the medications from this pharmacy submits its price policy. Trusting us you provide yourself with the most efficient treatment.

Let’s compare the prices of some medications in Canadian pharmacies with the prices of its brand analogues.

  Canadian Pharmacy Generic Brand medications
  Total price Price per pill Total price Price per pill
Cialis 20mg 80-150$ 0,80 -3$ 150-300$ 10-20$
Viagra 25mg 40-100$ 0.50-5$ 80-400$ 10-20$
Xenical 120mg 90-120$ 1-3$ 100-300$ 2-4$
Levitra 20mg 60-200$ 1-10$ 100-500$ 10-20$
Propecia 1mg 50-150$ 1-3$ 100-250$ 2-4$

 The prices are approximate and depend on the number of pills needed*

The Generic medications produced by the Canadian Pharmacy are cheaper compared to its brand analogues on the market. But the pharmacological activity of them is equal. There is no sense to pay through the nose or to spend the last money in your wallet on brand drugs. Buying the Generic medications you will always get a high-quality product, you will not need to queue long hours and be examined by other people who want to stick their noses into your problems.

Do you still hesitate about such prices? Let’s discuss the next issues to clear it up.

Why should you buy Canadian Pharmacy Medications?

Canadian Generics have the same medicinal properties as the brand medications. Side effects of Generics and brand drugs are the same, too. People from all parts of the world are buying Canadian medications more often than the brand ones.

Why should you Trust their Low Prices?

The development of a brand new medication takes approximately 15 years. Unfortunately, up to 90% of the projects – potential new products – at the finish are ineffective and they are not to be sold. Consequently, millions of dollars fly away for nothing. These costs must be recovered by increasing the selling price of one or two drugs, that had been successfully distributed. Canadian production of Generics does not risk to waste their money, their task is to repeat what had already been developed before them. Thus the customers get cheaper price of the medicines.

What are the Main Advantages of Canadian Generic Drugs?

  • The prices of Canadian Generics are always much lower than the prices of the original drugs, which means that they are more available to all categories of population, especially to those with low and middle incomes.
  • Canadian Generic drugs are well studied in terms of their efficiency and safety.
  • They have all the documentation needed to be distributed around the world.

We are the distributors of Canadian medications. We are trusted by hundreds of customers. Receiving many requests every hour we try to accomplish your order as soon as possible because we understand that holding back on the treatment may aggravate the condition. Canadian medications from our online drugstore are shipped only in an opaque package to avoid any inquisitive glances at your order. Moreover, aren’t you interested in getting a special offer or a discount? We offer our regular customers such privileges.

Are the Prices at a Canadian Pharmacy Too Good to Be Trusted? Dr. V. Shooltz
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